Texas Medical Board Rule §164.6 

The Women’s Center of Excellence (WCE) website Disclosure.

(1) This website is owned by WCE;

(2) WCE website provides no specific services it is for informational purposes only.

(3) WCE office address is 4324 North McColl McAllen Texas 78504 and WCE’s contact phone number is 956-682-6246

(4) The physicians are licensed through the Texas Medical Board and Board certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG).

(5)  There are no online consultation services provided.

(6)  Dr. Jennifer Almonte-Gonzalez, Dr. Danielle Jimenez-Flores, Dr. Namitha Nagaraj, and Dr. Liliana Padilla-Williams have privileges at Rio Grande Regional Hospital and Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance. Dr. Danielle Jimenez-Flores and Dr. Namitha Nagaraj are partners of Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance.

(7) The site provides information only, please see a healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice.  Call 911 if you are in an emergency health situation.

(8) Please give WCE about a week to respond to e-mails, electronic  messages,  and  other  communications transmitted via the website.

(9) Patient health information is not requested on the WCE website.

(10) WCE follows HIPAA patients rights with respect to patient health information.

(11) Only patient contact information is collected to set up an appointment.

(b) Accountability, the WCE website does not access, supplement, and amend patient personal health information. The patient may provide feedback regarding the site and the quality of information and services through the contact us link. The patient may register complaints, including information regarding filing a complaint with the Texas Medical Board as provided for in Texas Medical Board Chapter 178 (relating to Complaints).

(c) Advertising/Promotion of Goods or Products.

WCE website has no advertising or promotion of goods or products that a physician sells outside the normal course of business.

(d) WCE does not bill for services provided via the Internet as no healthcare services are offered via the website.

Source Note: The provisions of this §164.6 adopted to be effective July 1, 2010, 35 TexReg 5561; amended to be effective May 5, 2011, 36 TexReg 2727